Expert Bra Fitting, Bespoke to you.

Welcome to a world where you are seen and accepted where bra shopping isn’t anxiety inducing but a fun and empowering experience! I am here to guide you through the journey of discovering the perfect fit, making every day a celebration of your curves, your body and your boobs.

In my corner of the lingerie and swimwear universe, it's not just about selling you a product; it's about offering you a feeling.

Picture this: a world where you confidently embrace your individuality, where every curve is celebrated, and you never feel 'outsized' or 'un catered for'. Stocking quality brands with over 100 sizes and up to a ‘M’ cup you will never be made to feel like a ‘problem’ at Shell Lingerie.

My mission is to empower you through the education of finding bras that not only fit but make you FEEL incredible. Together, we'll unlock the secrets to size, comfort, style, and acceptance. No need to stress about bra shopping – I've got you covered! Sit back, relax, and let's embark on a stress-free journey to discovering the lingerie and swimwear that not only complements your body but also uplifts your spirit.

Welcome to a space where empowerment, self confidence, and style converge. Let's redefine the way you perceive and experience lingerie – it's time to celebrate the unique, confident you because you are beautiful, you are worthy, and you are enough.

Simple and quick- get the right size- expertly fitted

The Essentials Package

My Essential Bra Fitting Package will help you discover your true bra size, sister size and specific styles for your boob type, body shape, style preference and lifestyle needs. You will learn how a great fitting bra should
fit and feel. You will then receive your Bespoke Bra Fitting profile designed by me for you, along with your customized shopping recommendation for no fuss shopping.

This is perfect if you have a specific goal in mind such as 'everyday bra' or 'maternity bra' and would prefer not to try all of the products on offer in studio (Wired bras, non-wired bras, strapless, sports and swimwear.)

Be prepared to leave with the foundations of truly knowing your bra size and styles that work for you.

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Unlimited trying on, expert bra fitting & personal shopping

The Confidence Package

The confidence package is all about you. It includes all of
the Essential’s elements but gives you unlimited possibilities. You will be guided through the foundational elements of the Essentials Package but then taken on a journey through all the different bra brands and styles and have unlimited trying on capabilities.

You will be styled in all types of bras and swimwear and truly know what size and shape works best for you, your boobs and your body. You will have access to premium brands such as Panache Lingerie, Marvell Lane and Curvy Kate but to name a few.

Be prepared to leave feeling confident about your bra size
and knowing exactly what works for you.

Tell me whats included!

Includes Yearly Membership & 3 x free visits

The Empowerment Package

The Empowerment package will leave you feeling just that EMPOWERED! It includes all of the Essentials and Confidence elements without
any extra costs.

This is an amazing, discounted offer saving you time, money and stress! You will have the option to join Shells B008ie community and access a YEARLY membership - meaning THREE future visits are FREE of charge! You will also have access to unlimited Personal Shopping services AND a discount code to extend to your family and friends!

Be prepared to come away feeling the joy of truly feeling empowered about your boobs once and for all!

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A bespoke fitting via zoom or facetime

The Virtual Package

This package is perfect for you if you are not local to the Central Coast, NSW.

A convenient and stress-free solution that will save you both time and money whilst taking advantage of Shells expertise and exclusive in studio and online offers.


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Group Styling & Bra Fitting Package

Think the ultimate girls get together- with a minimum of 2 people maximum of 5- this is the PERFECT way to finally get bras that fit you but in a supportive, warm, welcoming and non-judgmental environment. This is perfect for mother daughter fittings in an environment which is everything a large department store is not!