Why you shouldn't wear a sports bra every day....

Why you shouldn't wear a sports bra every day....

Sports Bras are for Sports—Obvious, Right?

If you wear a sports bra every day, you might be doing it wrong. Sorry, but you need to know! If your sports bra is super soft and comfortable, you're also doing it wrong!

So many women confuse what a sports bra actually is with a lounge bra or non-wired crop top. Let's take a look at the differences and why you may need to rethink your options...

Lounge Bras

A lounge bra is designed for comfort while lounging or engaging in low-impact activities, generally around the home. Lounge bras are a great addition to your underwear drawer, but they are not meant to replace your sports bras entirely. Instead, they are for casual outfits and low-energy activities, even if that only entails walking to the post box and back.

The Media Influence

For some reason, we have been swamped by the media and Instagram with images of women wearing sports bras and crop tops every day. This trend can potentially impact your breast health.

The Importance of a Quality Sports Bra

A quality sports bra is a well-constructed and complex garment designed to reduce breast movement. This is crucial during exercise, especially if you have larger breasts. But why is this so important?

Improve Posture and Performance

Breasts can be heavy (don't we know it!), and the force created by them can pull your trunk forward, making you slouch. This can negatively affect your athletic performance and lead to headaches and neck, back, and arm pain, especially if you have large breasts.

Minimize Breast Movement

Research has shown that during activities such as running and jumping, bare breasts can move up and down as much as 12 cm! This is due to insufficient anatomical support, which is a significant issue if your breasts are large.

Minimize Breast Discomfort and Increase Exercise Likelihood

Excessive breast movement during exercise is often associated with discomfort and can be a deterrent to physical activity. Many of us might avoid exercise because we feel we can't! Since both discomfort and insufficient support are barriers to physical activity, breast support should be a priority, and bras should be regarded as essential pieces of sporting equipment.

What to Look for in a Sports Bra

A correctly fitting sports bra should be comfortable, supportive, and firm. You should feel the difference between your sports bra and your regular bra.

There are both wired and non wired sports bra options. Here are my three current favourites...

Non Wired Moulded Sports Bra by Panache

Panache Non Wired Moulded Sports Bra

This is my go to 'high impact bra'. It is non wired but 'encapsulates' each breast individually meaning that you don't get monoboob or boob sweat. Available in B-J Cups 6-18 Backs.

Ultra Perform Wired (non Moulded) by Panache

This bra changed the game for me, wired but lightweight and breathable this bra is super comfortable for medium to high impact sports bra. Plus I love the V neck neckline and snug under band. Available in B-J Cups 6-18 Backs. (Fits firm)

Wired Sports up to a K Cup by Sculptress

This bra is a great hybrid of Panache sports bra in their curvier range Sculptress, and has a great size range. Its available up to a 24 back and a K cup! It fits a little small in the cup so I recommend trying the cup size larger.


Your typical crop top lounge bra won't be able to do these things. Yes, it's comfortable, but will it keep you healthy and active? No!

So, it's time to ditch the lounge bras for everyday wear and invest in a properly fitted wired or non-wired bra. Also, invest in a high-quality, bra-sized sports bra for when you exercise. It truly is an investment that will change the way you move!

Bespoke Bra Fittings are available in person on the Central Coast and Everywhere in the world online!

Shell x

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