Why there is never a ‘right time’ to get a bra fitting...

Why there is never a ‘right time’ to get a bra fitting...

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Why there is never a ‘right time’ to get a bra fitting.

You’ve seen the viral posts on social media, you know the ones where the child has got 6 pairs of new shoes, matching outfits, the latest gadget in parenting technology but the mum still only has one daggy bra? Sound familiar?

As parents we often come last on the list, meaning that there is always a reason why we can’t buy a new bra, which of the following ones do you use?

I’m embarrassed/I don’t want to get my boobs out.

First of all, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. A department store fitting room historically has been a vulnerable experience for many people. We all have horror stories or have been made to feel excluded in some way. That’s why an independent bra fitting service gives you a completely new approach. It can seem intimidating to be in a fitting room with another person, but one thing is for sure you don’t have to remove your bra if you do not want to. An experienced and expert bra fitter can fit you by ‘eye’, yes that’s right; look at you and know what bra size you are. It’s an official superpower. They also should provide a nurturing and sympathetic ear, listening to you and honouring your past experiences. If you come with an open mind you’ll see that it doesn’t have to be the old fashioned way.

It's also important to consider that most of us have not been taught how to buy our bras properly. Many of us didn't have a bra fitting when our breasts began to develop. We didn't have the experience of developing a relationship with an independent bra store or fitter, a person who could teach us how to properly put on a bra, adjust our tissue in the cup, know where the band is supposed to lie on our back and how tight the straps are supposed to be. There is no shame in learning now and no judgement. Wearing an ill-fitting bra? You are welcome. Wearing a ripped bra? You are welcome. Confused about why things just don't feel good? You are welcome, too!

My size may change/I plan on losing weight...

This is a common one, most women feel at some point their size is going to change, this could be because they plan on joining the gym, or meal planning  so constantly put off getting fitted for a bra because they don’t feel they will get their money’s worth. If this is you - I ask you to consider the following- would you wear running shoes that are uncomfortable? Would you wear shoes with a hole in to go to the gym? No, you’d invest in quality fitting shoes so that you can start your fitness journey the right way- bras are just the same! A corrected fitted quality bra will mean you can hit your goals sooner because your body can move and you’ll have the confidence to actually attend that class or go for a run because your boobs won’t be hitting you in the face and you’ll actually be comfortable!

I’m planning on getting pregnant/are pregnant/waiting for my milk to come in/go….

Contrary to popular belief, there's no hard and fast rule for when to start wearing a maternity bra. Some women find the need for a new bra style or size early on in their pregnancy journey, while others wait until later in their pregnancy. It's a unique journey for every mum-to-be, depending on how your body changes during this special time.

Fitting your bra size during pregnancy follows the same principles as when you're not pregnant. A good bra fitter will emphasize fit over measurements, guiding you through a three-step check to ensure your bra fits comfortably. The only difference during pregnancy is fastening new bras on the tightest hook, leaving room for expansion. This also ensures most value for money. A maternity bra, simply put, is a bra designed to accommodate the changes in your body during pregnancy. It's all about finding a bra that fits well and feels comfortable as your body evolves. Some expectant mothers opt for non-wired bras for added comfort, while others prefer the support of underwired bras. The choice is entirely yours. You might have heard that underwired bras are not recommended in pregnancy. But as long as they are well fitted and size checked regularly, they should be ok. Put simply- if your bras aren’t comfortable you need to get a bra fitting.


I can't afford expensive bras.

This makes perfect sense, especially as we are all tightening our belts, and this is where I believe in quality over quantity. Many women have a drawer (or two) of bras they absolutely hate and do not wear.  That is a lot of investment in things that don't work! Working one-on-one with a fitter is a great way to make sure your bra drawer has what you need and isn't just a reminder of past mistakes. You don't have to buy your whole bra wardrobe at once. You can build over time (and make sure you retire your old bras over time, too!) We all value different things. Some value botox, some handbags, some it’s a wine subscription, and this is where girl math comes into its own….

If you invest in 3 x $99 bras, where you wash one, wear one and have one ready. You wear those bras every day for 12 months (on rotation) that’s just 81 cents per wear!

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Good fitting bras are the foundation of your day, they are often the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off (unless you hate them and whip them off at every available opportunity -another sign you need a bra fitting) so invest in getting them right!

You won’t have my size…I don’t ‘do’ underwire (insert bra pain here)

If I had a dollar for every woman who has said this, I’d be pretty rich. We have been brainwashed by the media and large stores that we are the problem. Our boobs and our bodies are the reason we cannot find bras that fit. You are WRONG. They are WRONG - this is a pretty bold claim I know. There are bras out there from a size 4 back (26’) to a 38 (56’) cup size AA to O (yes O- say the alphabet and see how far you get!) so it is definitely NOT a you problem. You just need to find someone who has access to the size and style you need, and this is where an independent fitter can help you, they don’t need to be loyal to a particular brand so a good bra fitter will advise you on what works for you your boobs and your body and not try to fit you in something just to sell you a bra.

In addition, the main reason most women don’t wear underwire or have ditched the wire is due to pain and discomfort. But here’s the real truth…. If you can feel your underwire your bra does not fit you. If the wire digs in or rubs your bra does not fit you. However, that’s not to say that some women who have sensory sensitivities or have had health issues should be wearing a wire. To wear a wire or not is a personal choice and preference but what I am saying is that you do have a choice and getting a bra that fits should come top of your list.


Bra shopping can be a drama and can be something that women hate but it can also be an incredibly uplifting, empowering and effortless experience when you know how and seek the right support and guidance. I hope that this article has allowed you to reflect upon your mindset when it comes to boobs, bras and breastfeeding and you’ll begin to question and no longer settle for that cheap bra and putting yourself last on the list.


Book yourself a Bespoke Bra Fitting Today and take that first step to finding your perfect fit!


Shell xxx


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Shell Lingerie is an empowering Bespoke Bra Fitting Service on the Central Coast NSW. Offering virtual and in studio fittings Shell stocks bras up to an M cup and offers a wide range of bras, swimwear and lingerie. Her service is designed to be everything a large department store is not, and she has a growing community of over 150 women on the central coast who have joined her bra revolution. She is an ‘embrace your body’ advocate and although doesn’t hate the term ‘body confidence’ acknowledges that our relationship with our bodies is ever changing. What she does know is that you deserve bras that fit you and hopes she can support you and your boobs soon! 

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