Why is finding bras so hard?

Why is finding bras so hard?


Why is finding bras so hard?

When was the last time you truly felt comfortable and confident in the bras you wear?

As women, our bodies change so much throughout our lives. Contrary to popular belief, the shape of our breasts is mainly pre-determined by genetics. Pre menopause, menopause, fluctuations in weight and the natural passage of time are all contributing factors to why our boobs no longer look how they once did. As our skin loses collagen and elasticity, particularly post-menopause, inadequate support from a bra can contribute to this process. Without proper support, breasts may begin to descend, moving closer to our belly button sooner than we would like!

One thing that we don’t think about or often take for granted is the power of a good fitting bra! Not only does it significantly slow down the natural sagging of our boobs (by counteracting gravity) it dramatically improves the way we look in our clothes, how our clothes fit and how confidently we step out into the world and is also much, much cheaper than surgery!

The tape measure method.

Gone are the days where you could walk into a department store and have a lady fit you with a tape measure and walk out with a selection of bras. Using a tape measure was initially created as a method when, in the 50s, cup sizes only came in A to D and if you were bigger than that you were encouraged to go up a back size instead. We now know this method is incredibly inaccurate and although using a tape measure gives you a starting point, it does not consider three things-

  • The shape of your breasts; East West, Teardrop, Round, Bell shape, Relaxed, Side set, Round – a tape measure will not determine what shape your breasts actually are and which bras will work for you.
  • Breast Asymmetry - 40 percent of women have breasts that differ in size, ranging from a slight asymmetry to an entire cup size or two difference. It’s common to have asymmetric breasts in combination with any of the other shapes.
  • Brands, styles and shapes of bras- there are so many bras to choose from, full cup, balcony, half cup, plunge- how can a tape measure tell you which shape works best for you and your breast type?


With breast types and shapes there’s no such thing as the perfect or ideal breast shape to be every woman’s aspiration. There’s just a whole range of breasts, types that are all unique and all beautiful. Breast shape charts and measuring charts are not definitive; they only attempt to help you understand your breast shape and size better. This is where an independent professional bra fitter can do all this hard work for you!

What should a well-fitting bra look like?

A properly fitting bra should snugly contour to your body. The back band plays a critical role, providing about 85% of the bra's support. If it's too loose, it can ride up, leading to rounded shoulders, compromised posture, and potential discomfort.

Here are the three magic steps to knowing what a well-fitting bra should look like.

  • The back band should be firm on the loosest hook- with about an inch give – and it should run parallel all the way around your body. If you are wearing a back band significantly bigger than your dress size its time for a fitting.
  • The underwire should not touch your breast tissue- the wire should sit under your arm pit away from breast tissue and should encase your whole breast- not just sit on top of it- if this is you its time to get some help.
  • The centre gore should like flat on your chest- it should not pull away and your boobs should not spill out when you move around or lift up your arms.



You might be thinking, "But I can't wear a tight bra." This concern is valid, but it's essential to understand that when you decrease the band size, you need to increase the cup size accordingly. For instance, if you typically wear a 16DD, the sister size with the same cup volume is a 14E. Therefore, if you opt for a 14 band, you'll likely need to go up to an F cup or even a FF to accommodate your breast volume.


But what if I have had health issues?

This all sounds promising, but what if you've faced breast lumps, cysts, or even battled cancer? Dealing with breast health issues, including cancer, poses unique challenges in finding a comfortable, supportive bra. Post-treatment, the body undergoes significant changes, from painful surgical scars to swelling, sensitive skin due to radiation, and alterations in breast size, position, and shape.

A woman's bra is intrinsically linked to her body image, confidence, and self-esteem. The struggle to find a well-fitting bra amidst these physical changes can exacerbate both physical discomfort and emotional stress—hardly what anyone wants to endure after navigating the journey of cancer treatment. To find the right shape, style, and size for you, it's crucial to seek advice from an independent professional bra fitter who can guide you through the latest advancements in bra craftmanship and educate you about how to navigate the world of bras, personalised to you.

We invest in our health and wellbeing in so many ways, yet often settle for poor quality, ill-fitting and uncomfortable bras. You deserve to find bras that fit you. You deserve to be comfortable. There are bras out there from a size 4 back (26’) to a 38 (56’), cup size AA to O (yes O- say the alphabet and see how far you get!) so it is definitely NOT a ‘you’ problem. You just need to find someone who has access to the size and style you need, and this is where an independent fitter can help you.  You never know you just might learn to love your boobs and bra shopping!

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