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Maternity Bra Fitting Guide

As Shell Lingerie, I understand the importance of comfort and support during pregnancy, which is why I offer maternity bras tailored to your changing needs.

A maternity bra, simply put, is a bra designed to accommodate the changes in your body during pregnancy. It's all about finding a bra that fits well and feels comfortable as your body evolves. Some expectant mothers opt for non-wired bras for added comfort, while others prefer the support of underwired bras. The choice is entirely yours.

You might have heard that underwired bras are not recommended in pregnancy. But as long as they are well fitted and size checked regularly, they should be ok.

If you're wearing an underwired bra, you need to be sure it is fitted extra carefully. Don’t wear one if it shows any signs of digging into the breast tissue. Some underwired breastfeeding bras have softer, more flexible wire, so they are less likely to cause a problem.

This is because when breastfeeding, the breasts can change in size between feeds, particularly in the earlier weeks. Fuller breasts can be slightly bigger and feel heavier just before a feed. Underwire can put pressure around the edges of the milk ducts, causing blockages but remember that if a bra is fitted correctly this will not contribute to blockages.

As for timing, there's no hard and fast rule for when to start wearing a maternity bra. Some women find the need for a new bra style or size early on, while others wait until later in their pregnancy. It's a unique journey for every mom-to-be, depending on how your body changes during this special time.

During pregnancy, your bra size can undergo significant changes. You may find yourself needing different sizes as your bump grows and your ribcage expands. It's essential to pay attention to how your bras fit throughout your pregnancy journey and adjust accordingly.

Measuring your bra size during pregnancy follows the same principles as when you're not pregnant. At Shell Lingerie, I emphasize fit over measurements, guiding you through our three-step check to ensure your bra fits comfortably. The only difference during pregnancy is fastening new bras on the tightest hook, leaving room for expansion. This also ensures most value for money.

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Regarding underwired bras, it's a personal choice. If your healthcare provider advises against them for a particular physiological reason, it's best to follow their guidance. Otherwise, if underwired bras fit well and are comfortable, there's no reason not to wear them during pregnancy. They can provide added support and shaping.

Non-wired bras are another excellent option, offering flexibility and comfort as your body changes. They may not offer the same level of support as underwired bras but can be more accommodating as your breasts grow.

After giving birth, I do recommend wearing non-wired bras, especially during the initial couple of weeks when your breasts may fluctuate due to milk production. Non-wired styles are gentler on your body and less likely to cause discomfort and lets face it mama you need to feel as relaxed as possible.

At Shell Lingerie, I'm here to support you throughout your pregnancy journey, providing comfortable and stylish options to make this special time as enjoyable as possible. Reach out today and book a Bespoke Bra Fitting and be comfortable in your bras throughout your pregnancy!

Shell x

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